Mushroom commandments

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There’s no joking with mushrooms!!!



Mushrooms know how to attract attention. With a wide variety of colours and shapes, they are a delight to be found in the woods, not to mention the taste of gourmet meals with mushrooms. However, there is no joking with them. They can cause various negative effects on humans, from nausea to death! Therefore, before engaging in any activity with mushrooms, read some professional literature, talk to experts and educate yourself by attending a course. In any case, obey these important rules. The ten mushroom commandments can help you learn about these wonderful creatures, but also save your life. 🙂


1.Do not pick or eat mushrooms that you absolutely are not familiar with.

2.Do not carry mushrooms in closed bags, backpacks, cans, PVC bags and the like. Only use wicker or other “breathable” baskets.

3.Do not eat suspicious mushroom specimens: too young or old, too moist, too small, stinky, bitter, hot.



4. Do not eat mushrooms that you got from a “good” self-taught mushroom connoisseur.
5. Do not mix in the same basket edible with suspicious or poisonous mushrooms.
6. There is no general rule that distinguishes poisonous from edible mushrooms. Not all the mushrooms growing on a stump are edible; nor all those who are eaten by different animals; nor all those that do not change the colour of their meat. Pick only those you know very well.


7. Prepare meals immediately after picking them. Or immediately clean and conserve them. Do not reheat mushroom meals and do not keep raw or cooked mushrooms in a refrigerator. Do not eat mushrooms in large quantities, because most of them are hard to digest.
8. For every mushroom you pick, check it out when you get home, consult professional literature and if you are still not sure, ask a mushroom expert. Do not experiment with yourself and your loved ones, with suspicious and unfamiliar mushrooms.
9. You become a true connoisseur and fan of mushrooms slowly, with persistent study of literature, exchange of experiences among mushroom experts, attendance of lectures and mushroom exhibitions organized by professional mushroom associations.



10. Never forget that “CAUTION IS THE MOTHER OF WISDOM”



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