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Beloved and respected friends, acquaintances, and other good-willed readers,

Welcome to the blog “Escape from the city”. I had long thought about the idea of starting an adventure called blog. I had a lot of adventures in my life, but this new kind of adventure found me somewhat unprepared. Prior to this inspiring moment I didn’t care too much about blogs, except for a few that were interesting. I wasn’t too interested in any form of writing, and I swear to God, certainly not enthusiastic about appearing in public. Not to mention that I haven’t written anything since primary school (excluding text messages, emails, job applications or betting tickets). Now I had various thoughts, like: “what have you actually got to say?”, “will it be interesting enough?”, “Yeah right, you’ll be a writer”… And yet suddenly, a wild desire was born, to put my experiences, thoughts, ideas, and knowledge into the pen, and on a piece of paper. I admit that pen and paper sound funny if we talk about typing into a Word document. Also I admit I’m a little nervous, but I won’t lose hope, because I believe that I’m doing the right thing and that you will recognize my best intentions.



Here you will find stories, ideas, and suggestions on how to spend the day (s) out of city, be physically active, feel the nature again, and energize your eyes and soul by looking at amazing sites. What I want to accomplish is hit you in the soft spot, in the pupil of your eye. My target will be laziness, being disorganized and complaining about it, all the diseases of modern society- the lack of desire, will, ideas … I think these are the main reasons why people spend the whole weekend in shopping malls or “kill the day”. I want to wake up the sleeping, move the capable, help the indecisive. I have no idea what will be the ultimate outcome of my writings, but I will be happy if I get to a single man and infect him with the “virus” that rocks me. True, I am not sure when I got “infected” by nature in the first place, but we are now one. I don’t mind getting up early, driving, going 20 km on foot, just to get my dose of adrenaline, luck, an extra photo or a new experience. I just love characters who are like, “How do you organize yourself?”, “why didn’t you call?” or “wow, photos are top quality, call me next time”. It’s not my intention to insult anyone; I just want to say that you can easily organize yourselves if you really want to… Besides the desire, it takes just a little effort. Surely, nothing falls from the sky. Except perhaps this blog which will help you achieve this intent.


Tara raft

Some of you are nervous about starting; some have bad orientation skills or bad memory, but believe me – nothing is out of reach! I’m not a specialist, I don’t have any licenses or travel guide titles, but on top of some extra weight, I have a desire that some will call fanaticism. And when the road calls you, there’s no help, pack your bags and go.


Tribuca canyon

The plan is to cover hiking, rafting, canyon hiking, but also cultural-historic heritage available to those who want to spend lives without too much adventure and risk. We will also talk about simple excursions that everyone can try on a regular basis. Sometimes I’m ashamed how many people from Serbia don’t know Serbia at all. I honor the exceptions. There will be something for everyone – adrenaline and “granny” tours, lightweight and tough, well-known sites and hidden corners, there will be many simple ideas to spend unforgettable weekends with your loved ones.


Brnjica canyon

When I think about some years back, I realize that I forget outings, parties, regular day/week, but not the travels. However, whenever I organized a weekend or vacation I had to browse a ton of sites, call many phone numbers, cause I did not find all I needed in one place. So here I am, sharing with you my “naturetales”, tips, phones, coordinates, recommendations, reviews – all you need to have a good time.

I will say a couple of words about the hiking societies who work hard on educating people in patriotic and nature topics and experiences, and develop real human values. True, there are some societies and guides I value and respect, and there are some I am not impressed with. By location, I will focus on Serbia. I recently read: “Serbia is a beautiful country, but a disgusting state”. And fortunately my blog is about the country, not the state. Otherwise I’d have anything to say. And our country is really beautiful, you wouldn’t know where to go first. Waterfalls, canyons, caves, belvederes, hidden corners, forests, lakes, mountains, springs, spas… Oh, I could go on forever. But I will also use the opportunity to write about attractions of other countries. Nature didn’t set the borders, religious or political beliefs. This was done by men.


Krupaja spring

On top of text and images, you will get useful information about coordinates, distance from Belgrade, the complexity of the activity, the manner of realization and equipment. You can enter coordinates in google maps, cell phones, navigation devices, etc. to make it to the sites without anxiety. For the complexity of activities, I decided to lower the criteria and rate them a bit more difficult than they are, to avoid the case where someone who is reading this blog decides to go to for an activity and experiences something more difficult than expected. I suppose that they would afterwards want to see me pretty dead 🙂 The manner of realization should answer the question if it is necessary to go with a hiking society or in your own organization. A number of reasons can be taken into account when deciding this, I am going to leave it to your own analysis, but there is one fundamental question: is there a circular tour or not (which means to finish the tour at the same place where you started). If you cannot organize this on your own, it is necessary to join a group of same-thinkers from a hiking club. If you can organize this, you can go individually.
As far as equipment is concerned, I don’t think there’s too much philosophy. Manufacturers are trying to sell “bird’s milk”, and marketing will make you ask yourself “How was I ever able to live without this?”. Well, not even in basketball everyone is wearing “Jordan’s”. So, shoes, layered clothes to keep you safe from wind and rain, protection for shoes, etc…. Everything can be useful and if you see yourself more in this sport and financially ok, buy whatever you think you need. From my experience, the vast majority of hiking activities can be done in sneakers, t-shirt, shorts or track suit.


Zvonačka spa

In the end, I’d like to ask you for feedback, comments, ratings, suggestions, all of which can help my blog develop. Perhaps I am over explaining things in order to fulfill my intention and explain the themes. In the future I will try to be more concise, and yet deliver all you need. Until my next post, and also after that, I wish you all the best.



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