Mountain code of conduct

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“Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time”


While I was “surfing” the Internet I came across this basic mountain code of conduct. When I read it, I realized that if you were to apply it in many other areas of life, this would have been a significantly better society.


Mountain code of conduct:


The pace of walking – adapt to the slowest walker, advise and offer help

Caring about others – do not leave anyone alone in the mountains

Greeting others – younger greet the elderly, men greet women, those who climb greet those who go downhill

Kindness – be kind to those you meet in the mountains, or who live there

Maintaining the natural paths – while hiking, as much as you can, clean away fallen stones, branches, fix road signs and markings

Being too loud – do not yell on the mountain, singing should be moderate and unobtrusive


Making a fire – do not make a fire in the forest, but if necessary, fix a fireplace with stones and carefully extinguish the fire before leaving

Garbage – do not leave waste (empty bottles, cans, paper, and bags) in the mountain, but pick them up and take them with you

Accident – in the event of an accident in the mountains, be ready to change your personal plans and show solidarity in rescuing the injured

Competition – do not show around with your abilities, do not compete in speed climbing, because hiking is not a sport, in the mountains the stronger should help the weaker


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