Rafting – many benefits from an unforgettable adventure

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Rafting is an outdoor activity where you use an inflatable boat to navigate the river. This adventure is most popular on fast mountain rivers, surrounded by a wild, untouched nature. This can be an extremely interesting excursion taking you deep into the heart of nature. The best time to go is in the spring, when the snow from the mountains gives strength to the rivers and they become wild and uncontrollable. Besides the amazing scenery, this sport enjoys a remarkable popularity because of the adrenaline released when passing through rapids. The almost indescribable taming of sparkling waves, accompanied by a deafening roar of the raging river.


It belongs to extreme activities, because there is a risk of serious injury if you do not follow the advice of the skipper. If you “obey” you will be able to enjoy the benefits that this kind of adventure brings. Overall, rafting is a great activity that ensures social, psychological and physical benefits for individuals of all ages.


In addition to unforgettable memories and loads of profile pictures, rafting will also give you:

Stress release


Stress can have many negative effects on the body, from physical illness to mental illness. Most often it manifests itself as anxiety or depression. One of the most popular ways to reduce stress is physical activation, which helps release endorphin in your body. This chemical triggers positive feelings in the brain, which helps relieve stress and negative emotions. Rowing is one of the more demanding exercises so you can expect to feel better and stress-free after this white water adventure.


Increase self-confidence


Rafting involves maneuvering around rocks and passing through various rapids and cascades. Although the participants are safe at all times, you will awaken a sense of real achievement during this experience. As a result, you will boost self-esteem and self-confidence that will be reflected in other aspects and activities in your life.


Increase brain ability


The same endorphin released during exercise, which helps reduce stress, can help you concentrate and feel confidence in solving problems. In addition, physical activity can help initiate the growth of new brain cells, preventing mental decline that inevitably comes with aging.



Connecting people


A rafting adventure offers the chance to connect with your group while working together to achieve the objective. It is very easy to spot the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates, since rafting requires discipline, teamwork and leadership skills. By participating in team activities, you learn important social skills that can be applied to many other areas of life, including the workplace, or relationships with friends and family. This is the reason why many companies organize rafting as a form of team building.


Staying in the sun and fresh air


Spending time outdoors is a way to expose to the sun and breathe in some clean air. Studies have shown that in combination with physical activity this will create the preconditions for the release of serotonin and endorphin, which results in a beautiful internal sense, since these chemicals are commonly known as hormones of happiness. Not surprisingly, everyone on these excursions is smiling. Though this is probably supported by cold beer and hot lamb, which are the hallmarks of this adventure. 😊


Muscle strengthening and cardio training


Rafting is a fun, but also a demanding physical activity. You need to use your upper body for fast and energetic rowing in order to successfully come down the wild river. Rowing directly affects the biceps, triceps, shoulders and back. It also requires stamina, because you could have longer periods of rowing to ensure an ideal passage through rocks and rapids. If you are a little “rusty”, you can easily get sore muscles in your upper body.


Psychological trip


Rafting can be evaluated from a therapeutic point of view. When you are away from modern worries and technology (at least for a few hours), you have the opportunity to look deep into yourself and really connect the mind and the body. Also, deep in the infinite space of Mother Nature you will quickly realize that although there are many obstacles, with enough hard work, dedication and the help of friends, you can achieve anything you want.



There are so many opportunities for a rafting adventure, you can read HERE about the one that I experienced earlier.
If you have not been rafting before, reward yourself with an unforgettable adventure. Now is the time to try.

So, pick up your phone, sign up and start looking forward to an adventure you will long recount.



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4 Responses

  1. Juris Ainsworth

    It sure grabbed my attention when you said that one of the benefits of rafting was the idea that initiates the growth of new brain cells as well as prevents a person from suffering from mental declines that come with aging. I have a feeling that my brother will be thrilled to hear about that. For some reason, he has been worrying about suffering from mental decline when he gets older, so he’s doing all kinds of research. Unfornuitrakly for him, I found a solution first. I will share this with him though. Thak you for sharing.

    • Nenad Nesic

      Dear Juris,
      First of all, thanks for your comment, I respect that.
      I think the best way to keep a person healthy is to spend a lot of time in nature. Physical activity can only help.
      Staying in nature affects many parts of our organism and I have already written about it in earlier texts. You can find it these texts in the archive, just use tag health.
      I hope everything will be fine. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  2. Todd Stauffer

    I like how you said that rafting could be kind of therapeutic because it will allow you look into yourself because you won’t have many distractions. My sons and I try to take a trip just as the 4 of us once every year. We have been trying to figure out what to do, and I think that going rafting could be good because I haven’t really had time to think for a little while I’ve been so busy. We’ll have to look into it a little more and plan accordingly!

    • Nenad Nesic

      Dear Todd,
      First of all, thanks for your comment, I respect that.
      I am very supportive of family gatherings in nature. Everything is great – hiking, rafting, canyoning, camping…
      The concept of the site is to provide suggestions for a quality and unforgettable time in nature.
      I’m glad to have similar thoughts and that you like the topics I’m writing about. I wish you good time in nature.

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